• Resident Evil VII The Beginning Hour See

  • Resident Evil VII The Beginning Hour See

    Resident Evil VII The Beginning Hour See. Capcom took us by surprise during the Sony Conference during E3 2016 when presenting a teaser of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. With a teaser first person shooter set in an abandoned house and a healthy climate of p. t., the teaser of the canceled Silent Hills, released by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro in 2014. We checked the demo, released exclusively for the Playstation 4, and now we’re going to talk a little of what we saw and what we can expect from Resident Evil 7 when it is released.

    In the demo, entitled Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour puts us in control of a man who wakes up in an abandoned house. Starting watching footage on VHS in that character’s perspective, and we see another man waking up and trying to free our character and himself from bondages in their hands. Soon, the screen changed and woke up in a dark room, where we noticed right off the bat three things. A piece of paper with the message “I will crush the rocks,” a tube TV with a VCR, which gives us the message that we don’t have any tape to watch. And a fuse box with one of them missing. Our goal is simple: get out of the House.

    The House is small. We have the room where we wake up, a corridor, a small second-floor, a kitchen and a hallway which ends at the back door of the House. It is now up to the player to explore everything and try to understand what’s going on there. The demo has (so far) two finals, with a small change in one of them. To make it to the end of the demo, we must first understand why we are in the House, and soon discover that to find the VHS recording of the previous day. On this record we, found the name of our character, Clancy, cameraman of a small research program of horror stories.

    A very cool thing about the demo’s control within the VHS footage Clancy and some actions that we perform in the footage reflected the present. So, here’s an important tip, check out home during this recording, to be able to find the necessary items to the variation in the second end. And to answer the questions, to get to the second end should locate the fuse lost and go up to the third floor of the House. With the recording, we discover a little more of the characters, the history of that House, and secrets that we should explore again to try out. The first end that players can is trying to get out of the House found the key to the back door. I recorded my first play in the game, the most authentic way possible, i.e. without knowing nothing. Check out the video, showing the entire demo from the beginning until its first final.

    According to Capcom, this demo does not reflect the final product, and neither the House nor the characters were seen will be present in the game. As well as p. t., it was only a brief teaser for the match, but we can already take some conclusions about it. Capcom has stated that he wants to bring the series back to its origins with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, responding to requests from fans, who came if disappointing with the series, for its approach more shooter with fewer elements of Survival Horror that made the series so famous in the era of the Playstation 1. As the demo does not reflect the game, it is possible that gameplay is completely different, after all, Beginning Hour focuses entirely on the holding, with only small traces of combat when found the axe (a necessary item for the second final), we do not have here a 100% built menu, we have only a small inventory of the elements found in the game, which keeps the number of elements that occupy blocks in your inventory. That is, larger items occupy more space.

    We also have shortcuts in the directional control; they’re of no use in this demo. But the most important aspect is that the demo focuses on terror. The details of the House are macabre, with a lot of rot, wood squeaks, strange sounds that arise here and there, and some jump scares while we walk. Personally, the demo didn’t scare me much, “throne” still keep p. t., that still scares me and until today, but it’s excellent to see that Resident Evil VII will focus on fear, at least from what we could do in the demo, the mansion itself passes a strong feeling of discomfort, with a lot of dark, silent tension and a lot of rotten meat and worms with such realistic textures that can easily arouse disgust on who’s playing.

    There is still a mystery inside the demo that nobody could unravel. While we play we found a curious item, Mannequin’s finger, that finger has its bloody end, and the back has a metal PIN to be investigated, shows that that finger is a key because it has teeth, but so far no one found out what it’s for, or what this key within the finger open. But as the internet is fast, maybe soon we know that it’s the greatest mystery of the demo. Finally, the demo has served well to keep us in the wait for what will come in 7 Resident Evil: Biohazard; the game is expected to arrive on day 24 January 2017 with versions for PS4, PC, and Xbox One, counting on VR devices support. Soon we should know more about the game, its characters, and its plot, as well as apparently the types of monsters that we’re up against. And to let you that you’re a fan of the animated series, let me tell you this, the demo makes it clear that the Umbrella Corporation will be present! And this is something to make anyone excited right?

    Resident Evil VII The Beginning Hour See

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