• Planet Side MMO released in 2003 See

  • Planet Side MMO released in 2003 See

    Planet Side MMO released in 2003 See. PlanetSide MMO released in 2003 comes to a close. PlanetSide is one of the first MMO Shooters in history, being released in the distant year of 2003 already, years ago. However, everything eventually comes to an end, and this year, I reached the end with PlanetSide shut down their servers, ending its history of more than a decade of existence. However, the end of PlanetSide was not “sad” actually was apocalyptic.

    Unlike most other MMOs and even games with online gambling support, arriving to an end simply shutting down their servers in a data set, Sony Online Entertainment, the Studio that created the game, prepared a worthy ending to his space-themed MMO, the revelation of the game with a meteor shower by putting an end to all While the last active players of PlanetSide watched, and died during the phenomenon.

    PlanetSide ended with a meteor shower that killed all players of the game who were online. As they die during the Apocalypse, players could no longer connect to the game, the real end of the PlanetSide story. Fortunately for those players, the sequence of the MMO, PlanetSide 2 is still active and very much alive. The game was released in 2012 for PCs and in 2015 on the PS4. Thus, PlanetSide 2 still has a lot of fuel to burn before his own meteoric Apocalypse!

    What did you think of the end of the story of PlanetSide? Ever wonder if other space shooters of today, as Destiny and Warframe also have something like that when they reach the end of their existence? Pessoalemnte I liked the end of Planetside, I actually think that developers should, in General, be more careful with the moment of the order, if possible an end campaign, a cinematic something to close with a gambling problem, frankly even the texts of end of anime fansubs (they do lack some verses) and better than finish and ready, I liked it, it must have been kind of cool for those who were online.

    Planet Side MMO released in 2003 See

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