• Parkour skills and Combat Understand

  • Parkour skills and Combat Understand

    Parkour skills and Combat Understand. The big star of Mirror’s Edge in the first game was its gameplay, with a pure parkour and the whole challenge of locomotion by phases of the match. And there couldn’t be any different. But now with a huge difference. No more progress through stages, we now have a world map with a small piece of a city of Glass, but it’s big enough for us. We are free to come and go up and down by anywhere from Glass anytime you want. The game features a 3D map of the city, with several secondary objectives to pass the time, but without escape of the backgrounds. In the first match, the visual of the scenarios was predominantly white, and the color red indicates where we should go and the obstacles which we must trespass. In Catalyst have an exciting city, but where white still dominates, and red means the path that we set up to go.

    In the map of the game, we mark the points that we want to go, or if we’re in any mission, the path automatically marked. With this, only the obstacles which we must pass are in the red, and a red holographic line arises by tracing our path. Unfortunately this line many times more hindrance than the help. Virtually every other game tasks are racing against time, and as the game warns, not always these lines show the quickest route. But they pretty much require us to find ways faster, without any clue of how to find them. Delivery missions against time were particularly vicious. Following exactly the way that the red lines show, broke up such supplies often when the timer is about to hit zero. The game forces you to be perfect in his race, literally giving you time even to be able to identify your way. This makes a lot of extra missions very frustrating because only with a flawless performance you will be able to finish them.

    Another problem is the red line that insists on disappearing when we need it most. You scale a wall, and upon reaching the top is faced with several possible paths to go, and the red line just doesn’t show up, forcing you to reactivate it for then she shows up and show you the way after you lose precious time that could not be wasted. This problem is annoying and constant, you will go through this often during the game, and that’s something that could never happen. By comparison, when we go in the game, the paths are marked with red arrows graves on the walls and floor of the route, never disappearing. The lines themselves are a great help, but if it weren’t for their problem disappear, everything would be better.

    To progress in the game, Faith should now unlock new skills gaining experience while finishing missions, races, and find items by scenarios. A strange decision, given that the first game Faith has all his abilities from the start. So when you play, focus on your upgrades in parkour skills, and let the combat expertise and equipment. Speaking of stuff, Faith now has some gadgets that help their races. The primary computer is the rope MAG, a hook shot by a glove in his right hand, which allows Faith if balance over long distances, as well as allows some scalar instantly and pull some obstacles and platforms, as it improves such equipment. And as already mentioned, Faith can hack computers, disable security cameras and let enemies stunned for a few seconds.

    The fighting is still on the same basis of the first game. Faith can perform combos with your hands and stiff kicks, as well as combine attacks with parkour skills to pass by enemies without having to stop. Combat is a little complicated because enemies fight back always, requiring the player to use a lot of the ability to Dodge not to be attacked. Stronger enemies were particularly laborious because they are immune to punches, and can only be injured the kicks, demanding patience from player to overcome them. However, the player can use the scenarios to your advantage. Playing enemies on the other, on the walls and even dropping them from Rails.

    Parkour skills and Combat Understand

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